first conditional & when/if, what’s like

first conditional, is for when we thinking about a particular condition or situation in the future, and the result of this condition. There is a real possibility that this condition will happen. ex :

you are at home, and then you see dark clouds  through the windows. and you think about the situation in the future that possible to happen ( ex : it’s going to rain! / its possible to rain). then, u make a result of the situation/ if the situation happen ( ex : i will stay at home ) so, ” if it rains, i will stay at home” (this is the conditional sentence!)

in the first conditional, there are two clauses. there are two orders too.

first, the two clauses :

if clauses -> if + present simple. ex : if i graduate from school

result clause -> will sentences. ex : i will become a teacher.

second, the two orders : 

if clause + result clause : if she jumps from the ridges , she will get hurt. (with comma)

result clause + if clause : she will get hurt if she jumps from the ridges. (no comma)

when and if, what is the different between them?!

when is for something that definitely happen. while, if is for something like “perhaps happen, perhaps not”. ex :

if he sees Kells, he’ll tell her about the party. (perhaps he’ll see her, perhaps not)

when he sees Kells, he’ll tell her about the party. (he is definitely going to see her!)

what’s like?

we use it when we want to hear a description or opinion of something/somebody. the answer to this question will often contain adjectives. ex :

What’s she like?  ; She’s funny and friendly.

What’s your new teacher like? ; He’s an interesting person and very handsome.

pattern : what + be + subject + like + ? . the word of “like” doesn’t change – it quietly different from the verb like.


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