Present continous for now vs. for future arrangements & Will

present continous for future arrangements, we use it to talk about things that are planned or arranged for the future. for example :

Sharon is having a great time tomorrow.

so, the pattern is : S (Sharon) + be (is) + Verb-ing (have+ing) + C (tomorrow) 

the adverb/complement that are often used with this present continous for future arrangements :

tomorrow, tomorrow …(night,morning,..), next week, next sunday evening (next thursday night,..) , the day after tomorrow, the week after next, and in three hours’ time (in….hours’time)

present continous for now, we use it to talk about what we are doing right now/activity happening now. the different between p.c for now and future arragements? look at this examples (below) :

It’s seven o’clock, Meg. Are you getting ready for school?

What time is Ulla coming for lunch tonight?

u can discover the different are “on the adverb” and “on the pronouncation” ; imagine that you are the interrogator/asker.


will/won’t, we use it to make predictions about the future.

When Ben is 18 years old, he will go to University of Cambridge.

I won’t live in China. I want to live in London. ( negative of will -> will + not /won’t)

I will be 11 years old next week. ( use “be” for adjective )

ok. so, the pattern is :

(+) S + Will + Verb1/ be- Adjective + C(its ok if theresn’t C). 

Where’s the “to be” ?! Will is a modal, same as should-etc. So, we don’t have to wear to be on it.

(-) S + won’t + verb1/ be-adjective

(?) Will + S + verb1/be-adjective + ?


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