should/shouldn’t & present perfect


we use it when we want to say that something is a good idea/ give advices to someone (or is not a good idea->shouldn’t). ex :

i should wake up early tomorrow ( i think it’s a good idea for me to wake up early tomorrow)

you shouldn’t gain some weight ( i think it isn’t a good idea/ it is a bad idea for you to gain some weight).

pattern of should? should is a modal too! so, should has the same pattern as will and must. should doesn’t go with to be/do in positive, negative, or interrogative.

present perfect,

we often use it to talk about things from the beginning of our life until now. ex :

John has travelled to lots different countries. (from when he was born until now)

when we use present perfect for “at any time in someone’s/our life” meaning. we often use “ever/never” in sentences. ex :

I’ve never been interested in music.

I’ve been interested in music. (at any time in my life, it doesn’t mean that i been interested to music from when i was born).

pattern : S + have/has + past participle of the main verb/v3.

for the verbs, there’re irregular and regular type of verbs. ex :

regular -> with ‘ed’

irregular -> ex : get -> got (v3)



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