too/very + adjective & adverbs

too/very + adjective

too + adjectives, have negative meaning. it means “impossible” things, “more than is good/i want”. for example :

This is too heavy. I can’t carry it! (impossible to carry it/ can’t)

I’ve only got 90IDR, and the Painting set cost 200IDR. It’s too expensive. (u can’t afford/buy it)

How about “very”? compare to the “too”. very have positive meaning (the opposite of too). so, it means “possible to do”. for example :

This car is very expensive. (if there’s very. it means u can afford it although it’s expensive. but if “this car is too expensive” it means u can’t afford it) .


how to change an adjective to adverbs? just put “ly” . ex :

quite -> quietly 

but!! if the adjective ends in “le”, we drop the “e” and add “ly”. ex :

terrible -> terribly

if the adjective ends in “consonant + y”. we change the y to i and add ly. ex :

lucky -> luckily

how about the function? the function is describe the verbs/actions. that’s why adverbs usually go with verbs. ex :

Put it carefully! the adverb “carefully” means we have to do the “put”actions with “careful” action/ “carefully”.

Last! some adverbs are irregular. they don’t have an ly ending. ex : early (the “ly” is the base), fast,etc.




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