my first time to sketch a face

hello guys! it has been about a few months right since the last time i posted about ‘something’ aha

so yeah, i was really busy with my final tests, my holiday, and stuffs.

But hey! im coming back now! 

last week, i was wondering..about this : “can. i. draw?”

so, i searched some potrait or kind of celeb photos and print it! i only picked one tho, and it was taylor swift. i picked her because i think her face is pretty and easy to draw for beginner..well, for me! 

i started to make grids first on the printed paper and on my blank paper. then i drew the face, eyes, nose, mouth, and last the hair and some part of the shirt. 

wasn’t took me long time to finish it..just about almost 1 hour. and it came out like this (below) 


i know still not symetric and look-alike, but yeah..not a bad start eh?

haha, comment below then ur suggestion on my sketch! 

thanks guys, happy vday (Woops late!) but much love to you all ❤


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