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Hello guys! It’s really nice to see you clicked this page lol. Okay, I’ll tell you about myself.
I’m Sharon Lim (everyone calls me Sharon) and some closest ones call me Yeye (it’s my nickname when i was a baby bcs I couldn’t spell ‘Sharon’). Actually, i hate it when people call me Yeye because in Chinese, Yeye means Grandpa :/
I love to watch korean dramas (i just addicted to it lately) and taiwanese drama. Besides of those, i love sketching ; any kinds such as doodling or even realistic but i draw when I’m right in the mood so I kinda seldom draw. I also love to read Young-Adults and Dystopian novel , i love divergent series and mortal instrument series!

I was (over) perfectionist back then but i got rid of that personality. I was also a shy and unconfident girl. But i also got rid of it. What i want right now is to be a better person with better personality 😀

That’s all, if you have any question about my personal just ask in the comment below!

(How about you? Tell me in the comment below because you don’t know how much i want to make friends with you 🙂 )




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