1. Oh My Venus

this drama is definitely worth your time but if you are someone who is not really patient then i don’t think i should recommend this drama to you because it is still ‘going-on’

i like the lead actor, so ji sub, this is the first time i watch his drama and my first impression of him is like “wow, he is so manly! i can’t resist his charisma…gosh, he is so hot!”. i also like the foolish and funny character of the shin min ah and henry especially henry, omg he is so funny with the ma’am things

2. Six Flying Dragons

this one is historical drama about the establishment of joseon era. to be honest, historical is one of my favorite genre so i’m kinda excited for this one.

this drama is also still going on and the drama has so many episodes so yah, u have to be patient 🙂

the actors and actresses in this drama are well-picked and there are so many feelings flowing in the drama, prepare yourself guys

and i like the feeling i got in every endings of starting episodes (the official announcement of the six members of flying dragons ).

3. I Have a Lover 

i like the plot, it is about , you can say, a marriage life, affair, and family. 

i think this drama is so real. the ‘lover’ of the main character’s husband is really getting into my nerves everytime i see her. she really has that ego and attitude which makes the drama more interesting.

it is a melodrama so yeah you might need to buy a lot of tissues! i like drama with a lot of feelings, i feel at ease whenever i cry. ok i’m weird.

4. Healer

i’m a fan of ji chang wook so that explains everything.



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